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Gorilla glue

We are talking about a super Larry in every field, dried flowers, resin, branches... This plant is a beast in every way. To create it, we started with the main cut of the christened King Kong as a poll with the famous clone Gorilla 4, who is known to have never heard of him around the world today. Gorilla Glue 4 was the result of an accident between a suspect, already produced plant that is legendary, we added our King Kong parent and managed to shorten the flower to 8 weeks.

Sunlato Famale

The popular gelato legend of the world famous Cookie fam (Jigga) has created a global wave, making weed the most demanding in the world. we used it to cross with our sherbet pheno from the bay area which makes this plant a great structure with a huge yield of colorful nuggets and stones filled with really amazing resin.

Cream Brulee

Cheap prices are always fun, and getting them from a weed bank you trust is even better! Being a recommended cannabis weed bank means your satisfaction is guaranteed! There is a fun bulk weed selection with lots of flavors as well! Sureerut Queens Garden has everything you need when it comes to collecting cannabis.

KD Purple

Our KD Purple variety that adds wild fruit color to our weed bank, thanks to its rich purple and green contrast. It is a 70% purple hybrid with very dense and resin-filled buds that attract the eye. It seems like waiting forever to enjoy its sweet herbal taste, but with its rich amethyst color and brilliant shine, it will be the gem of your garden. .

OG Passion Berry

When the OG Passion Berry grows again, you will find your own idea to make the taste sweet and delicate. it is a wonderful plant, with an excellent center. Kola it has a strong horn and is an excellent producer. cloning is simple. you want to train and train for a long time, which will effectively build a whole factory where the performance is very good and tough, buy weed in Thialand but you can easily take advantage of it to make the performance even more with its legacy and proper structural training.

AUTO Godfather bomb

Our breeding team was lucky enough to be gifted some godfather OG WEED, and knowing the legendary levels of THC, they set to work adding it to our genetic collection. After growing them and choosing a suitable mother and father plant, they began to experiment with their crossing between other varieties. However, what soon became clear was that the original plant's incredible strength and power was something special. That's why we've maintained that line and now offer them to you unchanged.

Auto OG Zombie

Buy Auto OG Zombie weed online at weedsbay. Here you will find detailed information about , from specifications and reviews to flavors and effects. We have listed all the weed shops where you can buy zombie virus weeds, along with their offers.

1 gram

Evil Grimace

Find real marijuana weeds from Barney's Farm in our weed ! Nearly every cannabis enthusiast, beginner or advanced alike, has heard of Barney's Farm. They provide marijuana Weeds for some of the most popular strains such as the Glookies strain! Hailing from the Netherlands, Barney's Farm started as a coffee shop on an Amsterdam street and grew into a popular coffee shop. As Barney Ranch grew in popularity, their brand became strong and easily recognized throughout the community. The company is quickly being recognized as one of the most trusted cannabis.

Ruku cucu OG

The intense mandarin smell is spicy, the taste is a mix between the sweet/citrus from the Tangie and the gas/woody from the Og Kush. The levels of THC are extremely high (grown well, it can hit up to 30% THC). The effect is heavy, which is what our friend Homer el Mero Mero aimed for after following the selection process from start to finish.

Lemon Budda

Pay of pheno, choose of Super Lemon Budda from this greenhouse weed that crosses with Silverbubble male. offspring is a lovely citrus tasting lemon eye with silver / fog. the Pheno passive selected for our Fern model has been chosen to taste plus a lovely production resin..

Santa Maria Haze

Ku nun hwela lokukulu ka mandarin i ka swipayisisi, naswona nantswo wa kona i ku hlangana exikarhi ka sweet/citrus ya Tangy na gassy/woody ya Og Kush. Ti levele ta mbangi tile henhla swinene (yi byariwile kahle, yinga hlasela kufika eka 30% wa mbangi) Vuyelo bya kona byi tika, leswi munghana wa hina Homer El Merome a a kongomisa eka swona endzhaku ko fambisa endlelo ro hlawula kusukela ekusunguleni kuya emakumu.

Lemon Budda

Pay of pheno, choose of Super Lemon Haze from this greenhouse weed that crosses with Silverbubble male. offspring is a lovely citrus tasting lemon eye with silver / fog. the Pheno passive selected for our Fern model has been chosen to taste plus a lovely production resin.

Critical Sour Diesel

Critical acidic cannabis diesel weed have just landed in the SQG are safe! This brand new range of weed is so fresh that we haven't had the opportunity to photograph it yet.. hold on with us! The JMB team is working tirelessly to update all our new products and is trying to change this as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out the stats and the full range of cannabis today!

Mimosa Orange Punch

This additional genetic inheritance leads to an amazingly fast producer of gorgeously smelling buds; beta-caryophyllene, linalool and limonene terpenes produce a sweet, citrus-like aroma. This hybridization has resulted in a plant that is more compact than the Mimosa Evo but still maintains an amazingly high production efficiency. Undoubtedly one of the most colorful versions for our Cali Collection, the accompanying photos are from bf Labs Final Harvest Review And feature a deep tree gradient. This elegant purple color, such beauty is rarely seen anywhere in the botanical world, a real aesthetic treat for even the most experienced grower..

AUTO Strawberr AK

Fresh, trichomed, blindfolded, dark purple and dark effect flowers are the goal of this year's unique variety. we've collaborated with German hip-hop boss and marijuana gangster King King to create a special strain worthy of his name. When he develops a variety, he tries many different phenotypes and believes that the new cross species will be the same. smash-hit Inspired by the songwriting for last year's album, "Weedman returns"!.


Thanks to the unique white resin coating of White Widow buds and the unique white resin coating of White Widow buds, you do not need to get acquainted with one of the most powerful varieties available. is it good to eat healthy food? He has both psychological and satisfying genes that provide fast and very pleasant highs at the level of 23%+ sessions. the buds are firm, sticky, powerful and with a piercing smell. Don't miss this event: one of the ever powerful varieties available needs no investment. Good yield and ease of cultivation is a variety that all gardeners should try..

OG Grandaddy Bruce

At one time, the genus (#3) retained the status of the strongest genus in the world. In Spain, The Office of the Prime Minister is located in the city. We want to take the original Gene and mix it with the Purple parent, who inherited complex grape and berries flavors from its purple parent. The result is amazing..

AUTO Gelato

This Gelato strain from Blackskull weeds is a hybrid with a predominance of indica with a sweet and fruity taste. and Gelato, which has become popular in recent years, has an incredibly balanced taste. For people using this product to help with conditions such as pain, fatigue or headaches, it will bring relief without causing strong sensations. The Gelato weed strain is a well´┐Żbalanced product with a great fruity taste. Buy the best ice cream weeds online in our 420 weed bank today!.