Joe Rogan and other commentators drew attention to the aroma of cannabis at the UFC match

The results of a survey conducted last year by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Finland showed that most of the adult population of the country support the idea of decriminalizing cannabis. According to representatives of the Ministry, for the first time in 30 years of conducting this survey, most of the respondents spoke in favor of reform regarding the status of cannabis. The survey of the Ministry itself was devoted not so much to cannabis as to the topic of the use of prohibited substances in the country, as well as the perception of specific substances by the population. In particular, the work found that the number of adult citizens with experience of using certain psychoactive substances has been increasing for 20 years in a row. In general, about 30% of the adult population of the country have tried banned substances. In most cases, it's cannabis. 29% of the population is familiar with the use of the plant, which represents a five-fold increase since 1992 (from 6% of the population to 29%) SureerutQueensGarden. Of this number of respondents, 7% also used amphetamines, 6% tried MDMA and 5 used cocaine. Only 1% used heavy opiate drugs.

Market research in 5 cities of the country revealed strict adherence to regulations in the cannabis business environment

An independent study was published on the pages of the journal Addictive Behaviors, devoted to the study of the legal cannabis market and the level of compliance with the rules and regulations established by local authorities. As part of the study, a team of scientists reviewed a number of recreational cannabis market stores in five major cities of the country located in regions where cannabis is legally available.

Joe Rogan and other commentators drew attention to the aroma of cannabis at the UFC match

The recent UFC 287 match between Kevin Holland and Santiago Ponsinibbio, held in Miami, Florida, became the subject of heated discussions, both among fans and among the sports press. The fact is that, as noted not only by all the commentators present, led by blogger and radio host Joe Rogan, but also by the fighters themselves, the fight hall literally smelled of the aroma of cannabis. At about the fourth minute of the first round of the fight UFC 2023 , Holland is clearly heard addressing Ponzinibbio, asking his opponent: "You also feel how grass smells here, right?". One of the commentators, Daniel Cormier, immediately draws attention to this remark, drawing the attention of Rogan and the third commentator, John Amick.

New Mexico Governor Signs Bill for Automatic Amnesty for Cannabis Convictions

Formally, the provisions on automatic amnesty for this category of citizens were adopted by the state in 2021, together with the recreational reform bill, however, due to their wording, they could not be applied in full before the approval of the current bill with adjustments. Previously, the authorities did not take into consideration those cases in which the defendant had charges other than cannabis offenses. Now, the amnesty will include people with similar types of criminal records, guaranteeing them an official amnesty for these specific offenses. "With the adoption of this bill, the authorities of the state of New Mexico demonstrated to voters that they are really concerned about the issue of granting amnesty to all citizens who have already served sentences related to cannabis offenses," says Gracie Johnson, an activist who is the regional curator of the Last Prisoner Project (LPP), about the bill. "The most important thing is that the program adopted by the authorities is automatic. This means that citizens with criminal records will not have to bypass the courts on their own and seek the required pardon, as it happens in other legalized regions of the country. A similar amnesty standard should be applied in other states, as well as at the federal level, in order to allow all people affected by the criminalization of cannabis to return to a full, Last Prisoner Project free life, without restrictions related to a criminal record."

Congress urges Biden administration to support cannareform

We continue to move towards hemp reforms, however, so far the bulk of the progress has been at the regional level," its head, MP Pramila Jaipal, a Democrat representing Washington State in Congress, says about the demands of the caucus. "Against the background of continued inaction on the part of the parliament and federal services, I believe that only the president himself can have any positive impact on the situation. As we all believe, the time has come for new executive orders of the president, such as those that a year ago guaranteed amnesty to a number of federal prisoners with cannabis convictions.

Germany: The government has presented to the public a ready-made plan for national legalization

On the evening of Wednesday, April 12, the German government, represented by the Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach, and the Minister of Agriculture, Cem Ozdemir, presented to the public the final version of the national hemp reform plan, which should be adopted and approved by the end of this year. The details of the final form of the draft were made public during a press conference held by the ministers, during which they presented and reviewed in detail all aspects of the reform. "The policy of criminalizing cannabis has failed for all its purposes. This new system of regulated cannabis market will be a worthy and humane alternative to this course," Mr. Lauterbach said at the beginning of the presentation. "The new system will allow all adult citizens to gain legal access to high-quality cannabis that meets all sanitary standards, while directing industry funds to legal markets and to the treasury of the state, and not to the pocket of criminals from the black market."