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Do you know the joy of finding a virus that you love, the best feeling for the perfect experience? But you're going to buy it again - the same breed from the same breeder - and there's something wrong there. That's not it. You fall out of love. The Queen og Garden is different. We have Charlie's. Our commercial and painstaking process, in which every growth of all living things retains the same taste, smell and - most importantly - the same satisfactory result - every plant we grow is slow to dry and heal for 14 days in a strictly controlled environment untouched by human hands. This will give you the taste, texture, and texture you are looking for. Our team of over 100 expert trimmers are hand-harvested to ensure that each bud never damages its trichomes and that each bud and unique stream. We're not here to find the weed wheel.

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Block Monsters

The origin of this plant is unknown, as the mother of this plant comes from an American seed selection. The plant produces large white flowers. When passed along to sweet tooth 3's father, it produces rock hard buds that look like bits of Cork after scattering. This is different from any other type available. It has an IndiGo effect with a hint of sativa, which makes it even more interesting. It had the aroma and taste of oak and sweet musk..

Ministry of Health and Social Development

The results of a survey conducted last year by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Finland showed that most of the adult population of the country support the idea of decriminalizing cannabis. According to representatives of the Ministry, for the first time in 30 years of conducting this survey, most of the respondents spoke in favor of reform regarding the status of cannabis.

Grenesins s1

It is the number 1 cannabis pills released in 1989 and recovered from a neutral Afghan fragment. The result is a beautiful cannabis plant that grows very strong and has a remarkable texture. The structure resembles a Christmas tree with spectacular shrubs. Resistant to mold and pests, it requires a short indoor growth period and responds well to dry, hot, sunny, thermal and Mediterranean outdoor weather. Umi is a mixture of cannabis with unique fruit flavors and citrus, mango, pineapple, cedar and spices. He gives a warm effect that is fun, energetic, relentless, insightful, stimulating, appealing to genuine odor lovers.

Platinum Punch

The Platinum Punch weed variety comes from California and has a sweet taste. we have Platinum Punch weed from Barney's Farm, a renowned cannabis producer. This cannabis seed company has been established since 1992 and has won several Cannabis Cup Awards. it is an intense grass variety that has the most striking purple and trichrome colors of all the types available today. many reputable online cannabis publications have researched this type with many definitions.

Tropical OG

Hemp weed are the hot weed in the inheritance of 710 seeds: tropical varieties have high characteristics, clear and high.It may be summer, with fewer grains than other varieties, but more replacement than flowers, enamel and resin.The disease blooms between 8 and 9 weeks and grows internally and externally. with an excellent unknown clone, producing excellent eyes, densely covered with ALT.If you are looking for a factory with high output, you will be satisfied.The medicinal power of this tropical medicinal material is good, and it contains a combination of all physical and mental medicinal materials.

Auto Sluriking

Anesia Semina is a premium weed retailer with products that come fresh from the breeder. This fast and discreet delivery service is perfect for efficient services. Effectrix feminized, autoflowering and regular cannabis weed. They discuss having some of the best genetics on the market. Also at modest prices. With five-star reviews, customers love their collector weed. Consumers are also enthusiastic about the excellent customer service they have received. Enjoy authentic Slurricane strain genetics with these pot weed for sale.

Watermelon OG

Some smokers choose their strains solely based on the effects, while others make a choice based on their taste. Watermelon automatically marks both of these frames and has a strong psychoactive effect together with the terpene profile that saliva makes. This delicious variety throws a soothing blanket into the body and mind and gives a great harvest every time. Our experienced breeders are working to create a strain that sets the taste buds on fire. To achieve such an attractive terpene profile, they chose two of the most delicious parent types: cookies Tropicanna and Lemon OG. Both of these varieties contain limonene, mirsen and other fruit and earthy molecules.

#10. Fried Rice

Craft beer elit seitan exercitation photo booth et 8-bit kale chips.

emon Zekytle

Lemon Zekytle is a feminized photoperiod hybrid with an extreme THC level of over 20% from the USA. The genetics come from a Las Vegas lemon skunk that was crossed with a prized Zikitlej parent. The strongest offspring, which was significantly resistant to stress, had the yellow legume zikitol phenotype. It produces heavy fruit, a fresh lemon fragrance and bright green and yellow flower buds..

Auto AK47

This easy-to-grow plant is very popular due to its good quality. The AK-47 is often copied or used for crossing by other weed companies. The plant is moderately elongated and produces very good yields quickly. Very strong smell and smoke. The name was given not because of the concept of violence, but because of its association with "spectacular rhythm"-after the event, visitors to the Amsterdam cafe regularly dropped shots from the AK-47. Basically it is a round sativa, the plants have a short flowering period and form dense shoots, with many leaves shining from a layer of resin crystals. Winning 22 prizes in the cannabis breeding competition proves to be popular in addition to smoking marijuana.


The TH One bomb, our original brand voltage, has generated rave reviews around the world. This unique blend of giant, hard buds with explosive th ion content makes it one of the most productive and commercial for gourmets. Like the Great Sprout, the Deer will be great, along with the might and might of the white tribes. The power of the TH ion bomb is very high, under the right conditions it exceeds 20%. The plant grows with great energy, while remaining relatively stunted and maturing very quickly to obtain such a large harvest. Outdoors, th ion bombs can produce more than 1 kg per plant. When the soil is ready for harvesting, the plant will be covered with frozen white trichromes. The TH if bomb has been designed to have something unique for each level: performance, power, taste and speed.

Hindu Kush

This breed has been chosen for quality and stability over countless generations and always breeds within its own gene pool. Hindu Kush produces very consistent seedlings and is an excellent variety for direct sowing direct sowing houseplants. The plant has dark green, grayish, vigorous, ancient broad-leaved, pointed leaves. In warm climates below 42�N, hindukushi can be grown outdoors.

Jelly Bean OG

Pure Kiwifruit Purple Fruit Tutti Roll and Bubbles it's really unique. . Our testers couldn't leave it out! It's all so special to be in the garden for years to come, Tropicana cookies is really pushing her daughter's wisdom and she's really pushing for the right lubrication for the purple and Black shoots coming out of the garden which is now something special.

Zittlez Wtermelon

zkittlez watermelon from Barneys Farm: This wonderfully balanced hybrid exhibits a heavy alfalfa growth pattern, which helps make it a high-yielding plant. Some producers can reach more than 1 kg per plant when processing love! A revitalizing and energetic effect comes from sampling this incredible cannabis rose. The beautiful and fragrant zkittlez watermelon inflames your body and soul with its optimistic effect. The true tone of the tensions and problems of the day. She made them disappear into a cloud of smoke, just like magic..

Smba Glato

Our samba gelato is a hybrid, crisscrossed by a delicate green Scout cookie, designed specifically to enhance sherbert flavor and fruit from indica. The Samba buds of our gelato are usually small, but have a dense structure characteristic of many varieties of indica. The gelato Samba variety can be especially difficult to grow and is not necessarily recommended for beginners. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. For growing in the open ground, warm and humid conditions are constantly required.


Green Crack

Oia is the #1 distant cannabis weed, released in 1989 and derived from an isolated Afghan slice. The result is a beautiful cannabis plant that grows very strongly and has an amazing texture. Its structure is similar to a Christmas tree, which contains an impressive number of buds. Resistant to mold and pests, it requires a short indoor growing period and responds well to dry, warm, sunny, temperate and Mediterranean outdoor climates. Umi is a hybrid of cannabis with exotic fruit flavors and aromas of citrus, mango, pineapple, cedar and spices. It provides a pleasant, energetic, long-lasting, intelligent, invigorating, lively effect that will appeal to real smelly lovers.


In the mid-1990s, a cannabis legend was born. Almost overnight, the White Widow appears on the menu of almost every cafe in the Netherlands. This masterpiece of cannabis is still the benchmark of all other" white " cannabis strains..

Haze Kush

This alfalfa-based variety ages for a little longer, but this combination is almost psychedelic. Kpchun sic buds exude the wonderful spicy aroma of skunks: This lady is superior, so please make sure you have enough space to accommodate her. If she doesn't stick it on it, it will stretch and it's worth the wait. Quality is more important than quantity. With this gem?.



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